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Thank you for choosing ARIS as your physical therapy provider. We consider it an honor to be an integral part of your recovery. In an attempt to provide the best care, we use a team approach where each licensed physical therapist is teamed up with a licensed/certified athletic trainer. As a result, our patients are being treated by a highly qualified clinical team and receive a great deal of one-on-one care. We use a “functional teaching model,” which is aimed at educating our patients so they actually understand the purpose of each activity during each session. Our ultimate goal is not to treat your symptoms, but rather the actual problem so that we achieve long term, permanent resolution. Each patient should apply what they have learned so as to improve their quality of life and eventauly return to their full activity level, and perhaps a higher degree.

The prescription that you receive from your physician for physical therapy can be compared to a prescription that you would receive for medication. In order to receive the benefit of physical therapy, it is imperative that you follow the prescription as written. We respect the amount of time, money and effort that you are placing into your recover and we will make sure that you receive a great return on your investment. In order to ensure that we are able to achieve the goal of optimal recovery, we ask that you attend each appointment that you schedule.

Again, thank you for choosing ARIS and we hope that you have a great experience.

The Staff of ARIS Physical Therap

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