Injury Prevention Training

For Individuals & Companies

Consistent application of proper body mechanics along with common sense will enable an individual to prevent injuries which occur during work, as well as outside of the work environment. As with injuries which occur at work, the injuries suffered outside of the work environment also contribute significantly to the loss of productivity secondary to time off work for surgery and/or rehabilitation (physical therapy).

As you know the cost to the company and the employee due to time off work can sky rocket relative to the severity of the injury and the motivation of the individual to recover. Injury prevention is an on-going process, and must be comprehensive in order to address all aspects that increase the incidence or occurrence of injuries. There must be accountability tied to reducing the incidence of injuries by all levels of employee’s, managers, and upper level management. Otherwise, the program will not succeed short or long term.

We are in total agreement with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Safety Council relative to the fact that most of these injuries are preventable, and this provides hope for definite positive change. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the community and work force through comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation. We have been able to establish a reputation of excellence by demanding excellence of ourselves in every respect.

Since the year 2000, the staff at ARIS has been an integral part of the injury prevention training and rehabilitation of Phoenix Fire Department and Glendale Fire Department (as well as all other fire departments trained under those academies mentioned). In order to effectively make an impact through education, it was imperative that we fully understood the demands of their occupation through a series of interviews as well as performing their skills course with all of the necessary apparel and gear needed. As a result, we have been able to identify the fundamental challenges of firefighting, which has provided the structure for the injury prevention program. This program includes both lecture and a practical portion which allows them to learn how the human body is designed, how to avoid excessive stress, as well as giving them the ability to identify their own dysfunctional movements so as to avoid injury with all activities. Although, the program with the fire departments has been successful, structure and implementation with other employers/industries may vary depending on the structure of their employee orientation and training.

The successful return of an employee back to full work status greatly depends on the level of medical care they receive. We can also assist employers in setting up a system with providers such as primary care physicians, (physiatrists as primary care), orthopedic specialists, and physical therapy providers. In the event of an injury, which requires medical attention, it is important to receive timely and correct care in order to reduce the number of days needed for an employee to return as a productive member of his/her company.